Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Not many of you who have studied German in high school understood this phrase. Well to be honest i learnt constructions of only such phrases! It means ‘LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT’! Isn’t that amazing? Next time you have something to say to your sweetheart which is really useful what you learnt in your high school or college years! Anyways how much at all do we apply in our everyday life that we learnt in our high school?
So how many of you think whatever we learn in our schools- high school, graduate, post graduate school is ever of any help to us? If it is not you wouldn’t be reading this piece in hand. Because you learned to read and write you are reading it. Because you are earning (implies to those who are employed or in business) you could view it,(directly or indirectly). So we can’t conclude that what we learnt till now hasn’t served our purpose of life. Think again if you don’t agree.
Well, coming back to our topic of love at first sight, what do you think is the real amusing aspect of it? It is NO EXPECTATIONS! When you see someone for the first time (no specification as of only the opposite gender is mentioned over here. It can be of the same gender as well. The world has become liberal enough!), you tend to see the creature as a whole and not their face cut, their intelligence, their smile. It’s just something or everything in them that knocks you down. Isn’t it? You leave the company of your friends and follow them here and there, in library, in reading hall, in the college cafeteria and finally on twitter! We log into Facebook and orkut before even brushing our teeth! That’s the first and the foremost yet simplest thing you can do after you have probed your crush’s name.
It’s strange we start doing things that we haven’t looked at for decades. Some hit the gym to tone their muscles, if not present, at least they start building them up! What an effort! But is it well worth? Is she really going to notice them or it would be a flop show altogether. As a matter of fact it’s better to get noticed than to try hard. Didn’t i say expectations are a big NO for love at first sight? Still we forget all our limitations and start changing ourselves, make our lives miserable in innumerable crusades which may lead to a severe nervous breakdown.