Friday, December 3, 2010


Women don’t seem to succeed as they use to before. Seeing the pace they are progressing in, I am afraid if we are going to have any businesswomen in future. Will there be any competitor to Kishor Biyani, Tata, Birla or Ambani? Future doesn’t seem to be bright for women, but not to demoralize you further ladies but actually challenging the gentlemen reading the piece in hand, I want to proceed ahead with the topic I have already began with.
These days the power of women seems to be dwindling. Days back women were men’s weaknesses they assumed power as the accused companion who was spared in every sector and was forbidden from any punishment in the past. But now it seems women are born to suffer especially from the men race .I don’t hold the men class solely responsible for this act of theirs, women are somewhere or the other responsible for their disrespect . In my life if ever I have respected anyone so much it’s only my dad whom I love very much. I know the reason behind it and even you will as you proceed with this book which is a resemblance of the turmoil I never revealed in my life.
The book u are reading is a crystal clear depiction of a woman’s life, how she is entangled between her family before marriage and then within her in-laws. I feel every girl has this inborn right to step out of the house enjoy equal opportunities of growth and freedom. In my house it has always been my mom who has cooked; neither has my brother nor have my cousins. Why? It’s not the only question I ask but even as to who gave you this right of discriminating your sister?
Straightforwardness is not welcome these days it seems, especially when it is possessed by a girl, who has made a picture of a typical Indian girl in an Indian boy’s mind.
Maturity is where these people are lagging behind. Who is to be blamed? Their parents, the culture, the surroundings, the company he keeps or the person himself?
Men of the Gen Y lack maturity. But more of the losers are women. Women ought to be mature. Need of the day is to educate the masses about their behavior. Here masses don’t really represent the corporate crowd but comprise of all in the service sector. Even students, undergrads, graduates and the newly hired fresh candidate play the yeast in the cake of life.


Marriage is a disaster on the very first night for a chaste woman. It is a common belief that men have decreed that their women must be pure and virginal.
I have always thought of succeeding. Never thought of any way by which I may not be able to achieve my target. It is such good to be successful in every walk of your life. What I am today I owe it to the men who came in my life. Starting from my father and soul brother, they have indeed constructed me and built a very strong heart in me. They have discouraged me in the wrong things they found but very much supported the things that they very convinced of. I owe a lot to them. They are indeed the pillars of my success. I don’t know what I could have done without them.
Well getting to the topic I want to confess certain ill truths I have noted. I always thought why my brother didn’t cook or do all the chores of the house. He was one of family too. Then why was he treated with such honour? Nor was he earning that time that he was full of responsibilities or anything of that sort. He just used to enjoy and see others work for him. Isn’t this a common scene in almost all the Indian households?
  I learnt a lot through men. Their behaviour towards a girl like me indeed brought the woman out of me and changed my perception towards men altogether. At first, I believed they were just born to dominate the weaker sex and women to obey them. But slowly I discovered that it is the other way round instead. Men are there just to hear a woman’s say. Women can indeed dominate men in moderation. No woman can think of dominating her partner all her life. There are chances to be given where women are pampered by the husbands or boyfriends where they have their say.
Then I want the heads to be turned over here. Considering a typical household when a man and a woman after a long tiring day, return to their den, the woman is expected to cook, clean up the house after what all is leftover, wash dishes, clean up the kitchen, see what the kids are doing and if they have slept or not (if there are any), and then return to her house of slumber. But wait that’s not enough, she being a woman, who is every now and then considered an object of pleasure, is forced to please her better half and only then dose off. This is the life of a woman. I hope I don’t have to live like this one in future.
I never conclude men are at fault. They are indeed adapted to what women have set for them. Women have primarily taken a man just to be her lord and her as his servant. They serve them unconditionally.
They no longer exist as individuals but as mere objects of pleasure.